1-Wire circuits schema electronic projects shema 



Power Amplifier


Audio mixer

Audio Equalizer

DC Protection

Headphone Amplifier

Vu Meter

Tube amplifier

Loudspeakers Active crossover

Audio Filter

Audio misc

Auto - car

FM transmitter



Power Supply

Motor control


Timer generator oscilator


Microcontroller programmer PIC AT


Light controller


RF transmitter receiver

IR infrared


Meter  Tester


Switch control


RC modeling

Musical instruments



Data acquisition







1 wire bus schematics free electronic circuits diagram wiring plans schema projects schematico electrónico schématique diagrama esquemático projeto elektronisch schematisch schematy circuito shema σχηματική αναπαράσταση схема skematisk Schaltbild schematisk



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  • 1-Wire Barometer sensor circuit schematic wiring diagram circuits schema electronic projects shema

1-Wire interface is the only voltage-based digital system that works with two contacts, data and ground, for half-duplex bidirectional communication. In contrast to other serial communication systems such as I²C or SPI™, 1-Wire devices are designed for use in a contact environment. Either disconnecting from the 1-Wire bus or a loss of contact puts the 1-Wire slaves into a defined reset state. When the voltage returns, the slaves wake up and signal their presence.

With only one contact to protect, the built-in ESD protection of 1-Wire devices is extremely high. With two contacts, 1-Wire devices are the most economical way to add electronic functionality to nonelectronic objects for identification, authentication, and delivery of calibration data or manufacturing


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