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SONY chassis
BE4  BE5
FE1  FE2
Vestel chassis




11AK20 or 11AK36   Alba     CTV3469        chassis depends on the year    

11AK20S, 11AK36    Bush    1438SIL                     

11AK36          Alba     CTV3418BLK            remote 1940   

11AK36          Alba     CTV3419SIL  remote 1940   

11AK36          AMSTRAD     14TX  SILVER           ST92R195C3B1/PAT

11AK36          Hitachi CP1426T        ST92195C3B1/05       24C08

11AK36          LIFETEC        LT3761VT      ST92185B (ST92195B)         

11AK36          Roadstar  CTV1433XT/NS ST92195C3B1/OBF / VESTEL/T30E030      24C08W6

11AK36          SEG     CT1402           ST92185B (ST92195B)         

11AK36          Seg      GRANADA S ST92195CB1/0E0 / VESTELT3X210            24C08

11AK36          SEG     1402-A                      

11AK36          UNIVERSUM FK8120                     

11AK36          VESTEL                     ST92185B (ST92195B)         

11AK36          VESTEL          5596HF           ST92195C9131/0BA 

11AK36          VESTEL          CTV3771M               

11AK36          WATSON       FA361, FA3621, FA3628T    ST92185B (ST92195B)         

11AK36          Watson     FA3631T  ST92195C3B1/OBF / VESTEL/T30E03  24C08W6

11AK36          WATSON       FA3621                     

11AK36          WATSON       FA3627T                   

11AK36 (non UK model)       JVC     AV14BJ8EPS            

11AK36 A6    BLACK DIAMOND  BDS1451LM             

11AK36A15   Vestel  Chassis 11AK36A15             

11AK36A2     Alba     CTV3418BLK   ST92195C3B1/OBC / VESTEL/T30A008   24C08

11AK36A5     Vestel  Chassis 11AK36A5               

11AK36-A6    Schneider    STV1407T    ST92195C3B1/0E0 / WESTEL /T3X21Q / P22270323        ST24C08


1. No picture after switching on due to the IC403 RGB outputs are defected.

2. When the picture is only green due to 20. Pin of IC403 CVBS SW pin) is defected.

3. When Picture is vertically shifted


1. Spark on CRT

2. No good grounding on Tuner

3. Base and emitter of Q603 is short circuit.


After changing the defected IC403, Applied the following modifications to repair chassis and prevent reoccurence of defects

1. Modifty TP46I-3 CRT board by insertion BA159 diode between 200V and RGB driver resistors as explain below.

Solder the anode of Diode BA159 (VE-30001318) to cathode of D902; solder the cathode of Diode BA159 to Q909 collector (intersection point with R913).

Solder the anode of Diode BA159 (VE-30001318) to cathode of D903; solder the cathode of Diode BA159 to Q908 collector (intersection point with R914).

Solder the anode of Diode BA159 (VE-30001318) to cathode of D901; solder the cathode of Diode BA159 to Q907 collector (intersection point with R915).

2. Connect a Diode zener 8.2V (VE-30001347) between the Emitter of Q2 ( - point of C424) and point of C485 in order to good grounding on Tuner as explain below.

Solder cathode of Diode Zener to the Emitter of Q2 (- point of C424), solder anode of Diode Zener to point of C485.

3. Connect a Diode zener 8.2V (VE-30001347) between the Collector of Q603 and ground for Vertical shift problem

Solder cathode of Diode Zener to the Collectorr of Q603, solder anode of Diode Zener to Ground.

<Parts order>

VE-30001318: DIODE BA159 1A/800V 20A VE-30001347: DIODE ZENER 8.2V



Please modify if following symptom occurs


There is no picture on the TVs.


The spikes on the main supply are damaged to IC403 (Vertical output IC).


Apply that modification:

Remove D409 from the chassis,

D409: DIODE 1N4148 ==> Not Connected

<Spare Parts order>

VE-30001284: DIODE 1N4148



Please modify if following symptom occurs


TV does not work due to Q602 broke down


Hor. Transistor Driving Condition during switching ON/OFF.


After changing the defected Q602,

In order to improve Q602 resistant to sparks, modify the chassis as given below.

Solder RES CF 1/4W 10K J BETWEEN BASE AND COLLECTOR OF Q601 (Hor.driver Transistor ) as shown in below.

<Spare Parts order>

RES CF 1/4W 10K J : VE-30000471

<Start Date of Modification on Production.> 16.08.2002





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