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Skoda Fabia car list model manual

Brand Model Version Engine Engine Type Fuel HP MY ECU ECU Type
Skoda Fabia   1400 16V   Petrol 100   MARELLI IAW 4MV
Skoda Fabia   1400 16V APE/AUA/BBY/BKY Petrol 75   MARELLI IAW 4TV
Skoda Fabia   1600 8V   Petrol 101   SIEMENS SIMOS 3
Skoda Fabia   2000  8V AZL/BBX Petrol 115   BOSCH ME7.X 8Mbit
Skoda Fabia   1400 TDI AMF Diesel 75   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia   1400 TDI BNM Diesel 70   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia   1400 TDI BNV Diesel 80   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia   1900 SDI ASY Diesel 65   BOSCH EDC15V
Skoda Fabia   1900 TDI ATD/AXR Diesel 101   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia   1900 TDI RS ASZ/BLT Diesel 130   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia (II) 1200 12V   Petrol 70   SIEMENS SIMOS 9.1
Skoda Fabia (II) 1200 6V   Petrol 64   SIEMENS SIMOS 9.1
Skoda Fabia (II) 1200 Turbo TSI CBZA Petrol 86   SIEMENS SIMOS 10.X
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 16V   Petrol 75   MARELLI IAW 4HV
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 16V   Petrol 86   MARELLI IAW 4HV
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 16v TSI CAVE Petrol 180 2010 BOSCH MED17.5.5
Skoda Fabia (II) 1600 16V BTS Petrol 105   MARELLI 7GV
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 TDI   Diesel 80   BOSCH EDC16U31
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 TDI BNM Diesel 70   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia (II) 1400 TDI BNV Diesel 80   BOSCH EDC15P+
Skoda Fabia (II) 1600 16v TDI (CR) CAYA Diesel 75 2010 SIMOS PCR 2.1
Skoda Fabia (II) 1600 16v TDI (CR) CAYB Diesel 105 2010 SIMOS PCR 2.1
Skoda Fabia (II) 1600 16v TDI (CR) CAYB Diesel 90 2010 SIMOS PCR 2.1
Skoda Fabia (II) 1900 TDI BLS Diesel 105   BOSCH EDC17U01
Skoda Fabia (II) 1900 TDI BSW Diesel 105   BOSCH EDC15P+
  Skoda Fabia manual service manual maintenance car repair manual workshop manual diagram owner's manual user manuals pdf download free, source of service information, technical specifications, and wiring schematics for the Skoda Fabia. Whether you’re a repair professional or a do-it-yourself Skoda Fabia owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your Skoda Fabia.

This repair manual will help you to perform all the main maintenance and repair work correctly and efficiently. It should be consulted regularly by workshop personnel as an addition to the practical and theoretical knowledge obtained in Training School courses. It is a contribution towards achieving even higher Service quality.

Proper service and repair is important to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles or driving axles whether they be front or rear. The service procedures recommended and described in this service manual are effective methods for performing service operations. Some of these service operations require the use of tools specially designed for the purpose. The special tool should be used when and as recommended.


It is impossible to know, evaluate and advise the service trade of all conceivable ways in which service might be done or of the possible hazardous consequences of each way. Accordingly, anyone who uses a service procedure or tool which is not recommended must first satisfy himself thoroughly that neither his safety or vehicle safety will be jeopardized by the service methods he selects.

Precautions It is necessary to take extra care when working on the electrical system to avoid damage to semi-conductor devices (diodes and transistors) and to avoid the risk of personal injury. In addition to the precautions given in the “Safety first!”

Section at the beginning of this manual, take note of the following points when working on the system.

a) Before disconnecting any wiring or removing components, always ensure that the ignition is switched off. b) Disconnect the battery leads before using a mains charger. c) Do not reverse the battery connections. Components such as the alternator or any other having semi-conductor circuitry could be irreparably damaged. d) If the engine is being started using jump leads and a slave battery, connect the batteries positive to positive and negative to negative. This also applies when connecting a battery charger. e) Never disconnect the battery terminals or alternator multi-plug connector when the engine is running. f) The battery leads and alternator multiplug must be disconnected before carrying out any electric welding on the vehicle. g) Never use an ohmmeter of the type incorporating a hand cranked generator for circuit or continuity testing. h) When carrying out welding operations on the vehicle using electric welding equipment, disconnect the battery and alternator. i) When fitting electrical accessories it is important that they are connected correctly, otherwise serious damage may result to the components concerned.




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