RGB LED circuit diagram




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Multi-Color LED Fun (RGB LEDs  is actually three single color LEDs (Red, Green and Blue) combined into a single package. Because of this controlling it is very similar to controlling a single color LED. The one difference is the 3 LEDs share a common anode (long lead (+)).



RGB LED RIBBON 12V DC Red, green, blue LEDs integrated into one LED package for superior color mixing control • Flexible printed circuit board construction with adhesive backing which can be applied to a range of contours • 12V DC operation, common anode on the LEDs • Easy control of RGB LED with the LED Painter PCB or 16 Ch. TLC5940 Driver PCB • Large solder pads at each end of the ribbon for attaching wire leads or chaining multiple RGB Ribbon segments together.





RGB Colour Mixing LED Circuit Boards 

G4 LED Super Flux Octagon LED Module 12V RGB LED Circuit board 12V



How to Use RGB LEDs Backlight on LCD Modules The displays with RGB backlight can show up to seven different colors which are Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow. Using the latest surface mount RGB LED chips, these backlights use red, green and blue LEDs in various combinations which allows for a clear indication of the current state of equipment or process where, for example, Red may warn of a problem or issue, and Green denotes normal conditions.




Implementing a Modular High Brightness RGB LED Network This document describes a simple application in which a DSC (digital signal controller) network is used to drive a high-power RGB LED matrix. The MC56F8006 is the Freescale device selected for this application.


AVR Color Clock using RGB LEDs



RGB LED Mood Light This project is an update to the original RGB LED PWM Driver.  The new version allows the use of either 5mm LEDs or the square bodied Superflux / Piranah style LEDs.

RGB LED PWM Controller The circuit uses (RGB) Red, Green and Blue high brightness LEDs that are pulse width modulated (PWM) to vary the intensity of each colour LED.

Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver 

350mA RGB LED PWM driver V2 (SMD)

350mA RGB LED PWM driver V3 (SMD)

Power MOSFET RGB LED PWM Controller 

Addressable RGB LED / Servo Controller


RGB Simulator for testing sequences used with above RGB LED controllers.


16F877A : RGB LED Driver  This project uses puls width modulation to drive each of the leds in the RGB led. By changing the duty cycle of each PWM signal you can control the average current flowing through each led creating any color you want. The limit is set by the resoelution of the PWM (set at 256 steps per channel).

Driving an RGB LED



PWM RGB Controller Multiple strings of six LEDs with a 24V DC source make for an efficient design. A total current of 2 Amps will supply 600 LEDs per color, sufficient for a sizable light.



RGB LED Fashion Lighting Controller The AAT3128 contains a high efficiency tri-mode charge pump DC/DC converter with 1X, 1.5X and 2X modes for color LED applications.



AVR Color Clock using RGB LEDs

13 Color LED Rainbow

Color fade

Colour Shifting For Bi-Colour LED's

Discrete LED Color Organ



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