RGB LED light wall washer circuit diagram



This circuit diagram combines three constant current “buck” converter ILD4035 to drive a 15W LED light RGB Wall Washer using OSRAM high power RGB LEDs. By driving the red, green and blue LEDs with varying pulse widths, the controller can generate up to 16 million colors. The circuit can drive 5 or 6 LEDs in each of the three channels and will also work with the LEDs from Cree, Nichia, Philips Lumileds, Seoul and others.

The circuit consists of 3 LED drivers – ILD4035 which can drive the constant current up to 350mA. A diode bridge form by BAS3020B is needed for the purpose of reverse polarity protection. The operating voltage range for this circuit is from 24V ~ 30V, due to the reverse breakdown of the schottky diodes for the reverse polarity protection is up to 30V. In the case for the application which not requires the reverse polarity protection, the operating voltage range can go up to 40V.

Download: RGB Wall Washer Using ILD4035 Infenion




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