LED circuit boards




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Intelligent Printed Circuit Board technology for innovative LED luminaires ... Highest LED power, intelligent lighting control, innovative optical design ...




LED Brochure

Power LED lifetimes have been extrapolated to over 50,000 hours. Thermal Cl. Thermal Cl. Light output of the same LED die on different circuit boardmaterials ...




LED-TECH.DE Circuit Boards

Pic 3: The four smaller drill holes arround the LED pads are used for the ... The MultiLine Aluminium circuit boards gives a maximum of flexibility to the user.




Avoidance of Ceramic-Substrate-Based LED Chip Cracking Induced ...

Printed circuit board (PCB) bending and/or flexing is an unavoidable phenomenon ... Trends observed from LED chip cracks induced by PCBbending/ flexing .






their LEDs to a metal circuit board or clip to cabling ... LED light engine provider can make that statement. ... the circuit to the aluminum substrate, through the.




PCB Wizard - Home Edition - LEDLamp.pcb

A basic LED lamp circuit is shown below. It consists of a set of five LEDs controlled by a switch. 1. Description: This worksheet gives you guidance on using PCB ...




Standard Printed Circuit Board Designs

tools/printed-circuit-board-designs/ testing and prototyping purposes on multiple HB. LED applications with OSLON LEDs. 2.) Golden DRAGON Plus HEX.




How Substrate Materials Affect LED Reliability (PDF)

There are a variety of thermal substrates used in LED packag- ing. One widely used type of thermal substrate is Metal Core. Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs).





Alternating Circuit Board Test (3 & 4 Floats)

b. The stop and start float LED's should illuminate. 11. If the circuit board does not operate as indicated in steps 8 through 10 call the factory. If the circuit boards.




Foldable Printed Circuit Boards on Paper Substrates

circuitsólike conventional printed circuit boardsócan be produced with ... circuit that contains an LED (light-emitting diode) that flashes on/.





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