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Design Considerations For Cell Phone Camera Flash Drivers

voltage necessary for Xenon lamps, LED flash only needs 3.5V-4.6V constant ...LED flash driver circuits can be sorted into CV mode (constant voltage) and. ED flash is used popularly in the cell phone field. In contrast to the high voltage necessary for Xenon lamps, LED flash only needs 3.5V-4.6V constant voltage. And 2000mcd- 7500mcd brightness can be achieved with as little as 120-250mA LED current. LEDs are a good choice for cell phone, digital camera and other portable equipment, because LED flash has the following advantage: high efficiency, low cost, and small PCB area. Solution for LED flash driver LED flash driver circuits can be sorted into CV mode (constant voltage) and CC mode (constant current) power circuits, according to the different output characteristic of each mode. Furthermore, the LED driver power solutions can again be sorted into the




Dual LED Flasher Using a 555 Timer

Explanation: R1, R2, R3, C1, and the supply voltage determine the flash rate. ... cycle of the circuit (the time LED 2 is on divided by the period of the cycle.




Many of these cameras utilize an LED flash that helps illuminate the ... two separate LED driver circuits; however, if the LCD illumination can ...





AND8224/D NCP101x LED Flasher with Luxeon V Star LED

Overload, Short Circuit and Thermal Protected ... The timing of the flashingperiod is given by the VCC ... Complete Schematic Diagram of the LED Flasher. D1.





The FA-250LED L-864 LP controller provides flash ... Extremely high flux, compact LEDs mounted on a ... LED failure sensing circuit de-energizes the light if.



Circuit design for LED monitoring system

Jul 31, 2014 ... We had to design a Led circuit that would contain multiple Leds, activate them by address, then holds the flashing addressed Led in memory ...




AN10733 Photo flash LED driver

The SSL3250A is an asynchronous boost photo flash dual LEDdriver .... To enable control of the TX-Mask feature either circuit connection in ...



SKY81294: 1.5 A Single Flash LED Driver with I2C Control Interface

Over-voltage protection (open LED, open circuit). - Short circuit ... The SKY81294 maintains the flash LED output current using a. DC-DC ...The SKY81294 is a high-efficiency, 1.5 A high-current boost converter with a programmable constant current. The device is intended for LED photo flash applications in all single-cell Li-Ion powered portable products.



LED Lighting Design GuideDriving LEDs with a Boost Regulator A boost regulator topology is used when the output voltage of the converter must be equal to or greater than the input voltage. A boost regulator is useful for driving a chain of LEDs connected in series. It is beneficial to drive multiple LEDs in series. This ensures that all LEDs receive the same amount of current and will have the same brightness level. Using a coupled inductor in the boost circuit reducing the switching voltage requirements of the MOSFET switch. The MCP1640 synchronous boost regulator can provide a stable operating voltage for an LED from a single cell alkaline battery.


MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight Demonstration Board (MCP1252DM-BKLT) Demonstrates the use of a charge pump device in an LED application and acts as a platform to evaluate the MCP1252 device in general. Light intensity is controlled uniformly through the use of ballast resistors. A PIC10F206 MCU provides an enable signal to the MCP1252 and accepts a push-button input that allows the white LEDs to be adjusted to five different light intensities.







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